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What is a Personal Guaranty and Why is It Important with a Commercial Lease?



At some point in their lives, most adults have signed a lease agreement, whether it be the leasing of an automobile, an apartment on campus while attending college or renting a home. Since most of these leases are standard forms offered on a “take it or leave it” basis by the lessor or landlord, negotiating the base rent and term of the lease is typically the main and only focus for the lessee.

When a business enters into a commercial lease however, the lease is usually signed by the business entity itself, which is typically organized as a corporation or limited liability company. By forming a corporation or LLC, the owners of a business can shield themselves from personal liability for the debts of the business in most situations. Accordingly, when a business entity signs a commercial lease to rent space in a commercial building, the entity signing the lease, as opposed to the owners of the business entity, is the one legally responsible for making the payments under the lease.

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